EM4 Solutions News

  • March 2000. Millennium News (Issue 3).

  • March 2000. Preparing For The Euro (News400)
    Though it is generally accepted that the introduction of the Euro is primarily a business issue, its impact on the IT department is equally significant.

  • March 2000. Conversion de l'Euro et des bases de données (Newsmag)

  • February 2000. Millennium News (Issue 2).

  • January 2000. Millennium News (Issue 1).

  • 15 Nov 99. Millennecom Ltd intend to release Mcom
    A leading edge Java product that facilitates sophisticated e-commerce solutions and other data centric applications.

  • 26 Oct 99. Mcom rolls out for European Bank Technology Congress.

  • A team from MillennEcom Ltd will demonstrate Mcom's tools for participants at the Messe für Europäische Banktechnlogie in Frankfurt on the 26th and 27th of October.

  • 12 Oct 99. Mcom enthusiastically reviewed by BPCS Group.

  • The Business User Group at the Fall 99 BPCS Conference reviewed the capabilities of Mcom, Millennium's new product. The vigorous Q&A about e-commerce gave attendees a keen insight to the power of the Java database tool.

  • 11 Oct 99. BPCS User Group Sees EM4 v2.

  • The Finance SIG of the BPCS User Group will receive a special briefing on EM4 v2, including the much sought after Database Conversion Module of Millennium's euro conversion software.

  • 6 Oct 99. Mcom Announced at Internet World 99.

  • EM4 Solutions announced Mcom at Internet World Fall 99. Mcom is a leading edge Java product that facilitates sophisticated e-commerce solutions and other data-centric applications.

  • 4 Oct 99. EM4 Solutions opens North American operation

  • Dublin based software engineering & consultancy company, EM4 Solutions, has launched its North American operation in response to overwhelming demand for its new e-commerce solution - Mcom.

  • 11 Apr 99. Solution to bug brings in business.

  • Concern about the millennium bug is generating a substantial amount of business for EM4 Solutions. Plans continue for a new range of services beyond 2002.

  • 29 Mar 99. Business Continuity Audit.

  • Avail of the EM4 Solutions Business Continuity Audit for your AS/400 database environment followed by a detailed report indicating the level of Y2K compliance.

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