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15 November, 1999

Millennecom's Mcom appearance @ Comdex Fall '99

From data to information, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

LAS VEGAS, NOVEMBER 15, 1999 - Millennecom Ltd ( intend to release Mcom, leading edge Java product that facilitates sophisticated e-commerce solutions and other data centric applications. It allows end-users to easily access and analyze data simultaneously from a number of discrete, disparate data sources via any Java enabled platform such as PC's, Laptops, Set-tops boxes, Handheld devices and standard Web browsers. It heralds a new generation of interactive client/server Web applications, delivering dynamic information resources to a broad client base in a compact and highly usable format. This breaks the traditional mould by presenting with information rather than documents across the net. This will lead to more powerful, dynamic, interactive and flexible e-commerce solutions. The product will be launched this week at InternetWorld '99 in booth #3349.

Mcom is differentiated from Web document based applications by being a client based data manipulation and analysis tool ideal for on-line or off-line data access. It is a good choice for corporate users seeking access to multiple sources of data and is the de-facto choice for mobile users who want to work with the same multiple data sources off-line. Because of its scalability and security features, Mcom empowers your end-users or customer to fully exploit your corporate information in a secure controlled fashion. Mcom enables flexible development and deployment of data-centric application solutions providing a rapid ROI.

Mcom is especially appropriate for multinational companies with large-scale operations because it allows immediate, worldwide access to up-to-date information by every individual part of an organization including customers. Applications include banking & finance, sales & marketing, logistics & retail and indeed any other operations requiring the management of many pieces of information.

Manus Bray, Managing Director of The EM4 Solutions, Mėllennecom parent company, commented, "Mcom can securely retrieve large volumes of information across the Web from a variety of computer platforms. It enables personal computer users to access and manipulate information in many new powerful ways. Mcom goes across the Internet accessing the data from the various databases and brings it back in one format where the user can interrogate and manipulate it to local requirements. Mcom is a real time, platform independent , secure, flexible and scalable solution for your enterprise information requirements," said Bray

About Millennecom

Millennecom, a subsidiary of the EM4 Solutions is a leading developer of software for eCommerce applications, the implementation of the Euro and the resolution of the Y2K problem. The EM4 Solutions has annual revenues exceeding IRĢ5 million and a client base of over 550 international corporations spanning 5 continents. In addition to products, Millennium also develops software solutions for clients including Ciba Group, Gateway 2000, Honda, Hitachi, Johnson & Johnson, Loctite, Murphy Brewery, Rhone Poulenc Rorer, Moet&Hennessey. Millennium has offices in Ireland, Europe, the United States and Australia. The company operates strategic alliances with key business partners including distributors and resellers.

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