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11 October, 1999

BPCS User Conference Sees EM4

Consultants from EM4 Solutions will explain EM4 v2, the Euro Database Conversion package now available for the AS/400. EM4 v2 includes the much sought after Database Conversion Module. Any organisation that intends to operate in Euros must convert their database into Euros. The database conversion module of EM4 is the ideal way to automate this complex process.

Presentation on EM4 v2 will occur at 1500 on Monday, October 11, 1999 as part of the Finance SIG during the BPCS User Group Autumn Conference, in the Carden Park Hotel, Chester, UK.

Further information is available at Booth 6 in the Conference Centre, where a technical specialist will provide one-to-one product demonstrations.

EM4 Solutions has extensive experience installing the EM4 package into multi-user environments that connect accounting departments between dozens of users. Key strengths of the program include the financial modules, multi-currency conversions, and management reporting capabilities.

Drawing on worldwide experience, consultants from EM4 Solutions provide support of EM4, training and RPG services. These skills have proven invaluable at a time when major companies are preparing for European Monetary Union, one of the most controversial measures to affect global trading. EM4 expands financial accounts management by integrating prescribed triangulation methods to determine currency exchange rates.

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