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Issue No.2 - February 2000

EM4 Solutions

Dear MS4 User,

I mentioned as part of last weeks update that EM4 Solutions have developed a Euro conversion tool for the AS/400.

As you probably already know, eleven member countries of the EU have agreed to use a common currency - the Euro, from 1st Jan 2002. This involves the abolition of each countries national currency unit (NCU) and the full adoption of the Euro currency. All businesses and legal entities within these Euro countries must convert any base / reporting values expressed in their national currencies within their AS/400 computer databases to Euro’s by this date. Exchange rates on databases may also need to be recalculated to express the new relationship between the transaction currency and the Euro.

Make no mistake, conversion to the Euro is an enormous task, involving the entire organisation and you should start to plan NOW !!

SSA are working closely with EM4 Solutions to address the issue of the Euro Currency amongst BPCS users. And Millennium have already installed their EM4 Euro tool in a vast number of BPCS European sites (many of whom were also running MS4). We are also talking to other ERP vendors in relation to working together, and have now produced a Euro Prep Paper titled 'The Euro & Database Conversion - What does it mean for your Organisation?'. We have posted the paper to the front page of our website - Ref from which it may be downloaded.

This easy to read, yet comprehensive paper deals with the points any organisation in Euroland needs to consider now, prior to conversion to the Euro currency. Our paper is designed to raise questions with respect to a typical Euro conversion project. It discusses in bullet point, the financial as well as IT issues. I hope you find it helpful.

The paper makes no reference to Millennium's Euro Solution - EM4. Should you require info on EM4, please send your details by return and we will send you an EM4 Brochure, CD & Video. All three contain EM4 client testimonials from current EM4 users such as Ciba, Leo Laboratories and others who are already 'Live' with EM4. Please specify your preference for either PAL or NTSC in relation to the video.


Manus Bray,

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