EM4 Euro Solution

EM4 The quick bridge to Euro compliance
Think Euro, Think EM4

EM4 is the fastest possible way to make your AS/400 RPG & CL application software Euro compliant. It is the ideal tool for AS/400 applications written in both RPG and CL, ERP systems such as BPCS, JBA, JD Edwards, PRMS, MAPICS and PRISM, as well as any bespoke environment. In fact, EM4 can convert any AS/400 database to Euro-readiness!

EM4 meets the needs of business in implementing the requirements associated with the introduction of the Euro. It is a monetary conversion solution that allows AS/400 users to move quickly and cost-effectively into the Euro. It is also suitable for situations where additional currencies join the Euro with transition periods that may differ from the initial participating countries.

EM4 is a software application using search engines and encapsulation techniques. The product will provide a generic solution in AS/400 environments to the business requirements arising from the introduction of the Euro, including triangulation and database conversion.

Triangulation Module

EM4 Triangulation adheres to EMU regulations to perform compliant currency conversions during the transition phase. It uses conversion factors and criteria as set down by the EMU to ensure that Euro compliance is maintained throughout the transition phase.

Module 1: EM4 Triangulation:

  • Calculations
  • File Analysis
  • File Field Associations
  • Program Analysis
  • Code Insertion

Database Conversion Module

EM4 Database Conversion facilitates the change of a company's base and/or global currency to Euros. It provides properly converted views of the business and its performance in the new currency with a clear audit trail from the previous currency.

Module 2: EM4 Database Conversion

  • System Parameters
  • File Analysis
  • File Field Associations
  • Calculation Definitions
  • Audit Trail
  • Variances
  • Test Conversion
  • Objectives

This simple IT solution allows companies to take advantage of the business opportunities that come with the introduction of the new currency - the Euro.

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