Norton Diamond Products

"Norton Diamond Products is part of the Cibergan Company with head-quarters based in Luxembourg. From Luxembourg, we manufacture diamond tools as well as the machines to support those tools, the diamond blades and the cool bits. We distribute to our plants all over Europe.

When we realised that we wouldn't be Euro-ready by the beginning of 1999, we began to look at solutions and what could be done for BPCS v3.01. We heard about EM4 from EM4 Solutions!

I found when I went to Ireland to look at the product that EM4 Solutions is very competent in both EM4 and also in BPCS. It is quite rare to have a company who can support the application you live with as well as the product they sell.

EM4 is quick to implement and we found it flexible because it could be implemented under current version, v.301. The thing that most impressed me about EM4 is the speed to implement and we are very happy with our choice."

Brigitte Maquet
Norton Diamond Products

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