"Leo Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company based in Ireland since 1958. We manufacture finished products which are sold worldwide. We have been live with BPCS, our business critical system, for 5 years. This covers finance, manufacturing, distribution and also some third party products. We are currently running v. 4.04 of BPCS.

Euro readiness was an issue for Leo Labs because we deal with customers and suppliers all around Europe. We were requested by a number of these customers and suppliers to begin dealing with them in Euros in January 1999.

We chose EM4 for our Euro solution mainly because of the business we were in and the business relationship that we have developed with EM4 Solutions. We had implemented MS4 very successfully in 1997 across the whole group. We were confident in Millennium's technical abilities and business expertise.

The key criteria in selecting a Euro solution was that it was able to deal firstly with triangulation during the transition period and secondly, that it be able to convert to a Euro company using a conversion tool. EM4 allowed us prepare for this goal. EM4 is not a major task to implement and I would recommend it to AS/400 IT managers who have not yet looked at the Euro problem."

Gerard Ryan
Leo Laboratories

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