CIC Video International

"CIC is an international video distribution company that is directly represented in 20 countries around the world with major subsidiaries and 40 licensees around the world. We are approximately a $600m gross company. In each of those territories, BPCS is our main operational system.

I believe that the Euro is a very complex technical issue with even greater business ramifications as few businesses have a clear operating strategy. We, in CIC, are committed as a business to being able to trade through the dual currency phase and also in the future in Euros. As a result, it is very important to us as an organisation, and also to key customers & key suppliers, that CIC has a high level of Euro trading ability. EM4 will lead us through the initial dual currency phase and it give us a more strategic line of trade in Europe when it comes to converting our database to the Euro.

My key criteria were quite simple: I needed a tool that worked first time, that was simple to learn and that came from a reliable supplier whose products we had used and trusted. We couldn't afford to fail on this. We have been very pleased to see that EM4 achieves everything that Millennium said it would achieve."

Mark Ingram
CIC Video

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