EM4 Solutions, a subsidiary of the EM4 Solutions, established in 1996, currently employs 40+ people and boasts a sizeable blue chip client base including: Ciba Geigy, Proctor & Gamble, Waterford Crystal, Johnson & Johnson and Murphy's Brewery. Exports, mainly to Europe and the USA, account for about 98% of business. The company reported a turnover of over $8million in 1997, and turned-over $11 million for 1998. Millennium is highly focused on long-term strategies to carry it well into the next millennium. It provides a global service through its sales and support offices in Sydney, New York and London, and through a network of qualified international Marketing Partners to guarantee effective customer service worldwide.

EM4 Solutions started out as a Year 2000 solutions provider and developed MS4, a year 2000 solution for the AS/400 machine. MS4 is an off-the-shelf software solution designed to ensure that AS/400 applications are Y2K compliant with minimal time, resources and expense. MS4 proved to be a very popular Y2K fix and is currently installed in over 600 sites world-wide.

In providing the AS/400 community with solutions to their needs, EM4 Solutions developed EM4. EM4 is a highly automated tool that enables companies trading in different Euro currencies to fully exploit the opportunities presented by the new Euro currency. EM4 Solutions commenced work on their Euro Solution in December 1997 and by working closely with key clients allowed a controlled release of the software in July 1998. These key clients located in every European country tested the EM4 product thoroughly and were delighted with both the quality and ease of use of the software, its wide ranging functionality and speed of implementation. On 1st September 1998, EM4 Solutions launched EM4 on general release. EM4 offers AS/400 users the complete functionality required to manage the single European currency. EM4 was an instant success and is now live in a number of major sites around Europe such as CIBA, Norton, CIC Video, Leo Laboratories and Hitachi, among many others.

MillenEcom (www.millennecom.com), is the latest addition to the EM4 Solutions. Millennecom Ltd. is an Enterprise wide Java Bean Solutions company. Mcom, the flagship product, is a pure-Java, client-sided data manipulation and analysis tool intended primarily for end-users. It heralds a new generation of interactive client-server web application, delivering dynamic information resources to a broad client base in a compact and highly usable format. Mcom allows end-users to easily access and analyze data simultaneously from a number of discrete, disparate data sources via any Java enabled platform such as PC's, Laptops, Set-tops boxes, Handheld devices and standard Web browsers. This breaks the traditional mould by presenting with dynamic information rather than static documents across the net and will lead to more powerful, dynamic, interactive and flexible e-commerce solutions.

Close relationships with Marketing Partners and clients and the successful development of long term software solutions means that EM4 Solutions will enjoy continued expansion well into the next Millennium.

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