Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd

MS4 Delivers Mapics Y2K Readiness in Under 2 Weeks

Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd is a medium-sized engineering company producing high quality water control valves and is situated in Kilmarnock, Scotland. There is one AS/400 machine to administer two sites, which has been running on Mapics since the late 1970's. Upgrades have taken it to Mapics/DB, however, significant bespoke systems made it unviable to implement any future Y2K compliant versions. The search for an alternative Y2K solution had begun!

"In investigating the Y2K problem initial solutions were prohibitively expensive, further research provided a cost effective, proven product in MS4." says Martin McDade, Financial Director.

Because Glenfield & Kennedy had an end of 1998 deadline for Y2K compliance on their Mapics system, they had to work fast. The 2 man technical-team took less than 2 weeks to implement MS4. In just one week, the 10 person team completed post-implementation testing. It was a smooth, problem-free implementation that went live in July 98.

With the help of MS4, Glenfield & Kennedy will enter the next millennium safe in the knowledge that it can continue to maintain its reputation as a recognised leader in the international water industry.

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